In my new mandate of not spending money to fill my house with stuff, I found a weird thing has happened: I don’t know what to do with the internet anymore!

Previously to this I would have spent my time on the internet looking at eBay, Amazon, Amazon UK, Kings Comcs, Pop Cultcha, and their competitors, or I’d read about stuff other people had bought and go to websites and covet their possessions.

With my new way of living not through possessions, I find the internet to be somewhat barren unless you are wanting to buy something…

… or worse, if you are not going to buy something, but have money in your bank.

This morning I got up and did the usual things that I do each day: I made a coffee and sat down in front of my laptop and opened up the internet.

        I checked my bank

        I looked a Facebook to see what my friends had been up to, because you know, in the eight hours I was asleep anything could have happened!

        I looked at instagram as I like some of the photography featured

… and then…

I didn’t know what to do next!

Normally I would have visited one of those aforementioned sites but discovered that in not doing so, my morning internet experience was over!

SO what will I do now?

I have been juggling… yes, juggling… any movement is good movement, yes?

I am watching a documentary on Netflix about happiness.

And I think I might be discovering happiness too, but without spending money and without filling up the house with junk.

That’s got to be a good thing.



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